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Just 3 steps to turn your gift card Into cash :

    1. Enter your card information for an offer

    2. Hit submit for verification

    3. Done :) Receive the cash

How It Works ?

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Get Offer

Enter your card basic information for a quick trade amount offer. In less than 5 seconds you can see how much we will give you in exchange for your gift cards!

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Submit Your Card

Submit your card information such as claim code , card balance , Paypal email & other basic information . your details will be checked to ensure the fastest and most secure process possible.

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Receive Money

Once the balance is verified you will receive the money to your Paypal account.

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We Love Our Customers and They Love Us.

Great service! I got way above 90% of my Amazon gift card transferred into PayPal account instantly!

Elizabeth Hammonds

My Amazon gift cards were accumulating dust in the cabinet until I came across SellMeGiftCard, now I get the cash value of my cards. They are truly the best!

Amy Figueroa

I no longer have to worry about my Amazon gift cards, I simply sell it to SellMeGiftCard, fill my card details, get verified and get the cash value in my PayPal account.

Jon Graham

I never knew converting gift cards to cash was this easy and fast. Thanks SellMeGiftCard!

Susan Snyder

My friends and I have lost hundreds of $$$ in gift cards to some phony sites, but since Josh introduced me to SellMeGiftCards, I turn my cards to cash with peace of mind!

Nelson Soehlke

We get amazon gift cards as a bonus from my husband's work but we would rather have the cash. Using SellMeGiftCard we able to sell all our gift cards.

Evan Roberts

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